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Her father's great-grandfather came here from Cuba in the late 1800s, so she has a Spanish last name, thus she checked off "Hispanic" under race/ethnicity. Yesterday, I encountered a woman whose brand new great-granddaughter is to bed named Paisley Jean (Surname); I wasn't sure what to think about that one! Leatha I knew a woman by that name from Roanoke VA. A good ol boy who was the one who always managed to get caught. Lorraine is a cheap-ass, nasty, low-rent, no class name. For Guys: Mason, Chandler, Dakota, Braden, Broden, Chuck, Earl, Sean, Ryland, Dwayne, Scott, Tyler, Taylor, Darryl, Jake, Dustin, Justin, Buddy, Bo, Norman, Caden, Jaden, Hayden and Jamie.

Many years ago, in a town near where I was raised (their zip code pops up on that Forbes $$$$ list), one of the council members publicly ejaculated, "but that's a trash name! Lorraine, Charaine, Charmaine, Leeanne, Leah, Du Wayne, Sharon, Sherilyn, Sherraine, Sharmayne, Rusty, Kevin, Darren, La- anything, De- anything, weirdly-placed apostrophe anything, using punctuation instead of a letter anything, any luxury brand, any type of liquor. And for fucks sake since when did it become acceptable to name a child anything that sounds like a stripper, but not the nice kind, the sort with razor burn and a Caesarian scar. Votes for Caylee Amber Tiffany Kristin/Kristen (why don't these people go with Christine? They are definitely white trashy but I like them anyway: Travis and Vicki (NOT Vicky or Vikki! Also any feminine name with an "ene" or "ine" at the end: e.g., Charlene, Jolene, Verdine.

c'mon the world knows that americans revel in being trash. The UK is the leader in trash/chav culture.[quote] Plenty of white trash from Canada, Europe and Australia Plenty o' white trash in the Scandanavian countries and in the Netherlands.

I have Dutch relatives who are trashy and the worst yard on my block belongs to a Norwegian guy. The town got after him, he built a 3 car garage and then put license plates on the decrepit cars, kept them on his front lawn and filled his garage with junk.

Lots of drama on tonight’s episode of the Real World: Las Vegas as the roommates discover Dustin Zito’s porn past.

Last week, we posted a segment focusing on an interview with Dustin in which he detailed his career in the gay porn industry.

Ousted roommate Adam Royer is still in contact with housemate and hook-up Nany Gonzalez, and we can only assume he is no longer in the mtv created bubble that shields the cast from most forms of technology.

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In a teaser posted on mtv.com, we learn that this week Dustin’s porn history is revealed, shocking his cast mates and friends, and potentially ending his relationship with Heather.

He also defended some remarks he made that many people believed were homophobic.

In the same Ology interview, Dustin spoke of his romance with fellow cast member Heather Marter.

However, does their relationship come to a screeching halt when Heather discovers the skeletons in his closet? She’s exactly what I would hope for,” but he plays coy when asked if the couple survives his secret past being revealed.

Like any good reality star who knows it’s all about viewership, he responds, “That’s one of those things where you’re just going to have to watch.

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