Early pregnancy dating ultrasound

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At 6 months the scan showed fluid on the lungs and abdomen and I was told my baby would not be able to breathe once born.

The specialist who I was booked to see was away at the time so my appointment was in 2 weeks. Two weeks later much to the astonishment of the specialist the next scan showed the fluid gone but the baby had swelling of the liver suggesting their had been an infection. I refused any more scans and went on to fullterm delivering a healthy, small (51b 80z) baby.

His bladder was also not visible (from lack of nutrition/fluid).

Overnight, even I as an un-trained ultrasound reader, could see the very obvious difference after the surgery.

I always found it odd that a harmless procedure would cause the fetus to 'run' from it.

The fetus always acted fearful, the heart rate would go up and the fetus would move away from the wand.

For us that was enough for me to never have another scan done.

Fear alone can cause health problems and I didn't want to see my baby in fear for my entertainment.

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Doctors use a plastic device which emits high-frequency sound waves through your body.I am now wondering if I should be concerned about the routine use of dopplers?I too was advised to terminate my pregnancy because of a scan.The next routine ultrasound done discovered that my cervix is shorter than average, about half as long as most womens. It was recommended to me and my husband that we abort the baby to prevent premature birth, death of the baby or life long health problems. If we had gone through with their suggestion it could have damaged my already short cervix and prevented me from ever experiencing a full term pregnancy.As it turns out my son was born 2 weeks early at 7lbs 12oz totally healthy! He is really smart and funny unfortunately though he is showing signs of dyslexia, however minor they may be I can't help but wonder if all those scans affected his mental development.

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