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Mike Drenth During the mid 1940's, I visited a YMCA camp on Lake Temagami owned by the Cleveland YMCA. I know it no longer exists, but can you kindly tell me the island where it was located?I remember with fondness the great launches that would take us from downtown to the island.While I am able to clear out these posts, I am unable to edit the script that drives this particular guestbook.I am willing to set up a guestbook for people to use, like this one, but with a different type of script that I can use and edit to respond to these types of threats.If you are interested in more history of the Temagami Indian's you can contact me by e-mail address and I will get back to you. Saw the news in the guestbook, so I want to say..... I am in Florida until the first week of April and will return to Temagami when the ice is out.Fred Petrant I was feeling a little "homesick" and thought I would drop by. Reading all the comments from all the people who have Temagami in their soul made me feel alot better. Congratulations on your 40th, Barb and Gooser, and hip hip hooray! I have been trying to reach the following people on this website who have shown interest in purchasing a cottage on Lake Temagami: [email protected] Barraclough [email protected]@J.I have resided on Bear Island for the last 12 years but have been banned from there for the last five years.

Shawn Hamilton We just had the best week of the summer up there!!!!!!!

I plan on adding a button so users can choose to display their email address if they like - the default right now is not to display, and can't be changed.

So if you want people to contact you, leave it in the comments box too.

While I have strived to help out by creating a forum at my website at your can keep in touch and ask questions, it hasn't recieved much use yet.

If people are interested in a guestbook instead, or would like to see something like this guestbook continue without the garbage, please email me and let me know.

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