Flirt with no credit cards

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' named Mia saying come outside- If Mia was outside my house at that time she is deffinately lost because I don't know a 'Mia'- Absolutely an up and coming scam of some sorti have been getting calls from the phone number, for the last few weeks,once a person was there and i ask them not to call me again,then it stop for about a three week period and now it calls about every minutes,i have tried to block the call-no good-now when it calls and you call back ,messages is that the number is no longer in service any more-calls start about am pacific stand time and stop about pm,how do i get rig of it My number is registered on the "do not call" list but after years on the list I still get these calls This one called twice in one day around : in the morning and : in the afternoon- No message left either time- Caller ID only said "Illinois Call"Do another WHOIS lookup NAMEBAY Domain Name : IPHONETESTS-COM Created On : , Expiration Date : , Status : ACTIVE Registrant Name : Quentin Bailat Registrant Street : av Henri-Golay Registrant City : Ch?

I believe I get cash every time someone signs up, but god damn that’s not why I’m making this post, I just wanted to let you know why you’re going to see their links all over nsfw. If you’re looking for some of better ladies on the site, I suggest you start with KDWow, she’s really talkative and into interacting with people in the chat room, and I think she’s online like 20 hours out of the day.telaine Billing State Province : GE Billing Postal Code : Billing Country : CH Billing Phone : - Billing Email : email Name Server : DNS-OVH-NET Name Server : NS-OVH-NET Registrar Name : Namebay The Registry database contains ONLY -COM, -NET, -EDU domains and Registrars I wasn't home for this call today and didnt recognize the number and there was no message but remember getting calls from a number like this one and didn't think much of it till I thought I wanted to know who this was - googled the number and bingo found this website- It does put me in mind of a call I got yesterday, that I was prepared for when I answered it- Starts out like this - it is a recorded call - a women's sweet voice saying that this is an important call and will need our immediate attention about our credit card - blah blah blah - and says to press if interested - i pressed and the male called says something to the effect was I interested the reason "I" was calling , hey you called and and yes I am interested -INTERESTED THAT YOU NOT CALL ME EVERY AGAIN - TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR LIST he didn't just hang up like most of them -he said in an annoyed voice - "good one" , loved it , loved getting them at their own game I investigated that same posting by Google to work from home and earn "X" number of dollars a month- Sounded great, right?BUT,if you read the fine print it also read that there is a monthly charge for the membership and another fee after the free trial had expired- I immediately closed out of the site but now it's all making sense why I'm getting calls from this odd number with an area code of (from NJ)- I guess I forgot to remove my telephone number or something from the website- As soon as I read the fine print I stopped filling out the application 'cause it didn't sound good- AND, in the fine print it reads "Google does not endorse" the product (or something to that affect)This company is doing my web site for me, should I be worried?You just assumed because the original creditor said there were "no such changes" that suddenly all that money you "borrowed" is no longer owed?That is a rather moronic stance- If you borrow, pay it back- Don't be a deadbeat- People like you cost ME more money everytime I make a purchase and I personally am a bit tired of supporting your deadbeat habits- Pay your bills Just received a call from an unknown name number- When pushed he gave the same number and ask for John- I called the phone company and asked for a trace of the last call - they were unable to assist though This is a disconnected number- Previous residential owner disconnected due to unauthorized publishing of this number in many faux business web directories with a fictitious business name- DO NOT TAKE THIS NUMBER IF ANY CARRIER OFFERS IT TO YOU- You will be inundated with telemarketing calls- Also the number was very close to a number used by Atlanta Legal Aid, so you will get many wrong dialed calls asking for legal aid A man called my company saying "Hi, I'm calling from a publishing company and I don't know exactly why I'm calling (our company name)- Can you tell me what your company does?

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