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The Navy has been working with the FBI and police forces in Germany and other unnamed countries since Dec. An FBI spokesman downplayed the theft, saying the software stolen was unclassified."We are trying to see who's responsible," said Paul O'Donnell of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

"This has led us to several foreign countries."O'Donnell said the target was an unclassified computer.

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Naval officials are investigating how hackers broke into a computer at a Navy research facility in Washington and stole the source codes to a missile guidance program, officials said Friday.

For example the pilot season of Nathan Fillion's cop drama, with Josh Dallas.

Read on for a breakdown of all of the pilots with confirmed series orders noted with * *, and keep checking back as announcements come in.

Representatives of Exigent Software Technology, based in Melbourne, Fla., said Friday that they built the stolen program, called "OS/COMET." The Air Force has installed OS/COMET, which can also be used to guide satellites and spacecraft, to a Global Positioning Satellite system in Colorado Springs, Colo., according to Exigent.

O'Donnell confirmed that Exigent is also a subcontractor for the Navy.

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