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Perhaps no other book in modern times presented such a dilemma.Everyone agreed the book would be a commercial success.It's perhaps fitting that I write this introduction in jail- that graduate school of survival.Here you learn how to use toothpaste as glue, fashion a shiv out of a spoon and build intricate communication networks.But even greed had its limits, and the IRS and FBI following the manuscript with their little jive rap had a telling effect.

Steal This Book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. It shows you where exactly how to place the dynamite that will destroy the walls. -lays out a potential action program for our new Nation.When we conclude that bank robbers rather than bankers should be the trustees of the universities, then we begin to think clearly. Become an internationalist and learn to respect all life.When we see the Army Mathematics Research and Development Center and the Bank of Amerika as cesspools of violence, filling the minds of our young with hatred, turning one against another, then we begin to think revolutionary. Make war on machines, and in particular the sterile machines of corporate death and the robots that guard them.Our moral dictionary says no heisting from each other. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral.Community within our Nation, chaos in theirs; that is the message of SURVIVE! The purpose of part two is not to fuck the system, but destroy it. They are "home-made," in that they are designed for use in our unique electronic jungle.

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