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The small figure stoops down over the woman’s face; it is not clear from the footage, but witnesses report the small figure at this point slicing at the woman’s left eye.

The woman paws weakly at her throat, which is still gushing blood.

SCP-3121-A told us in interview that its “wife” would be looking for it.

It seems that the anomaly was correct to state this.

Witnesses report it repeating a phrase in an unknown language as it does so.

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It also possesses exaggerated facial features, including a heavy brow, prominent cheekbones, and markedly pointed ears, nose and chin. If an SCP-3121-B sighting is suspected, the nearest available Mobile Task Force is to be immediately deployed to SCP-3121-B’s last known location.

Witnesses report that the anomaly uses a large metal nail to do this.

It enters the brain and performs an unknown action.

Then, SCP-3121-B and a perfect sphere of cerebral tissue disappear, leaving a hot, cauterised hole in the human’s brain.

SCP-3121-B reappears in the brain of another human somewhere else on the planet and exits by cutting through the back of that person’s head.

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