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A 2003 report, from The Urban Justice Center and The Sex Workers Project of New York City found that almost 30 percent of sex workers interviewed had experienced some form of violence from police officers, which isn’t so surprising as up until just last year it was perfectly legal for cops officers in Hawaii to have sex with prostitutes before arresting them, and just a few months ago, a Russian police officer was convicted of raping and murdering 22 sex workers in his squad car in a psychotic attempt to “cleanse” his town.Yet many anti-trafficking organizations, and the legislation they advocate for look to law enforcement as their main tool for combatting trafficking.Use arrows to move, Space to enter buildings, Mouse to play. This is an community of real everyday people who enjoy sex, respect other people’s privacy.It is the most vulnerable workers, those with the least financial security, who will now have a harder time. I can pay for advertising, to run my own website even; the people I am worried about are the working-class men and women that this change could send back out onto the street.The crackdown on Backpage and sites like it is being done in the name of “human trafficking,” (ie: the force, fraud, or coercion and exploitation of labor, sexual or otherwise) which has captured the attention and pocketbooks of celebrities, politicians, and scores of bleeding heart Junior League types over the past decade, but experts say that going after advertising platforms in the name of combatting human trafficking is, in fact, accomplishing the exact opposite."Those who may have worked independently..now have to rely on third parties, including traffickers, in order to meet their needs,” Board Chair Lindsay Roth of The Sex Workers Outreach Project told on July 9.Since the 2010 closure of Craigslist’s adult services section and the FBI seizure of My Redbook in June of last year (both of which allowed providers to list ads for free) Backpage has been the most affordable option to advertise for adult services, allowing providers to post ads for as little as a few dollars.Now, without Backpage, sex workers who can’t afford to advertise on premium platforms, which can cost upwards of 0 a month, will have to resort to other, perhaps more risky, methods.

Aside from the trusty can of mace attached to my keychain, advertising online and then screening my clients is one of the only tools I have to protect myself from potential bad dates.Even though a 2009 report, also from The Sex Workers Project, found that both trafficking victims and social workers found police raids in the name of human trafficking to be both violent and ineffective.Trafficked victims reported having their bodies beaten and forcefully exposed to other officers during raids, and one victim who participated in the study said, “A better way to help me leave my situation would be anything that didn’t involve the police.”Placing exploited sex workers and victims of trafficking in the hands of police shows how out of touch the anti-trafficking movement is when it comes to the needs of the communities it is trying to serve.How many women did Daniel Tejada violently choke during a session before he finally took Ashley Masi’s last breaths?What if just one of those former victims had been able to go to the police without fear?

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