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Fusion101 think it important that all who work and use Fusion 101 know a bit about how and why this site started: Fusion101 – Original Vision – mid 1999 This was to help church singles as I felt the secular scene always got a better deal – not just in respect to meeting people.

This is no surprise as there’s more money in secular markets which gives you the ability to create bigger and better services. 1st, in 99 there was a big stigma attached to singles and every site I looked at then was either pink or covered in hearts and flowers – so I wanted something a bit more stylish.

The history or Timeline of Fusion101 service for single Christian is as follows.

There isn’t much that is more exciting than leaving the stresses and familiarity of daily life behind and going on a much needed vacation.

Most people say that they wish they could travel more but aren’t able to for different reasons.

A year into the partnership it was clear these guys were hoping for a easier ride and although they helped I decided to buy them out as one took on a job which left no time for Fusion, and the other didn’t have as much experience of the web as was really needed.

Fusion101 – 2002 Fusion101 Christian friends and dating service works!

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