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Many words are still used by British merchant seamen.Scholars (of course) differ about all these issues.Many of these terms derive from a traveling showmen's slang called parlari or parlyari.Parlari flows from many lands and seems to derive largely from Lingua Franca, a "pidgin" (a simplified informal spoken trade language, an admixture of other languages used between speakers of different tongues) used around the Mediterranean between sailors and traders from widely different language groups, the several parents of this language being Italian, French, Spanish, Occitan, Arabic, Greek and Turkish.Also the edge of a section of canvas which has either eyelets or hoops, e.g.

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When the public are allowed to try it, it is called by its long name.It survived among several populations that share certain characteristics: they are (for the most part) traditionally itinerant, lower-class, and share a need for a private vocabulary unintelligible to outsiders.Many members of each population would deny fellowship with the other groups who use it (each with its own variations), but there is undeniable overlap between the "parlari" of the theatre, the circus and fairground, and polari, British gay slang from the days when 'the love that dares not speak its name' needed a secret jargon.British fairground fans are particularly fond of the steam traction engines that powered early fairground rides and carried fairs from town to town.They also know every ride manufacturer, all the models made and every variation thereof.

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