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That said, there is a limit on how many times a body can be used as a weapon per week.

After all, someone's going to get tired of being used as an object eventually.

This is arguably the most unorthodox subhouse in the House of Weapons.

Not only does it house deities that can use ordinary objects as weapons, but just about everything here (including the floorboards) can be used as a weapon.

Oh yeah, and she sold recordings of their phone calls to the tabloids.

But, Stiviano still maintains that she is Sterling’s “everything.” No—she Nordegren was a nanny to the children of a friend of Tiger Woods’ when the pro golfer set his sights on her.

gold digger dating service-49

gold digger dating service-49

She told the Washington Examiner: 'After the seminar was over.Thus began a long string of famous musicians KK would date, ending in of course Kanye West (well, if they stay together, that is…) But she never actually Working as a backup dancer, Federline could probably argue he and Britney Spears bonded over their musical inclinations.But of course when they split up, Federline weaseled his way into getting ,000 Johnson may never have a finger pointed at him accusing him of being a gold digger because we don’t often associate the male gender with the stereotype.Grigorieva became pregnant with Gibson’s baby the same year she started dating him (accident or grand plan? She produced tapes of Gibson verbally abusing her—so we’ll admit he is no angel himself—but Ivana Trump knew what she was doing when she met high society tycoon Donald Trump.The two were married for almost 20 years so we do believe she planned on staying with him and living the lavish lifestyle, until Donald’s affair lead to a different ending.

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