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In his own words "I can assure you that if I was ever convinced that it was God's Will for me to commit an act of violence...In the late 1970s, an extremist Catholic sect ordained Cathey, but he didn't maintain the faith and became a North Carolina state archivist shortly thereafter.Background Even in the violent world of the racist skinhead subculture, Brien James, one of the co-founders of the Vinlanders Social Club, stood out, albeit...In 2009, he began garnering national attention after he was hired by the American Family Association (AFA), which the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as an anti-gay hate group in 2010.

In his own words "Every non-White on the planet has to become extinct.

Named to the OC Weekly 's "Bob Dornan Scary Orange County Hall of Fame" in 2011, Barbara Coe was known for her diatribes against Mexican “savages” and her wild conspiracy theories, including what she describes as a secret Mexican plan to “reconquer” the American Southwest and a shadowy “New World... Still, banning cross-burnings in certain circumstances was deemed constitutional by the high court and not necessarily a violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech. He once was a left-wing anarchist who promoted drugs, homosexuality, bombs and violent anti-racism.

But around the turn of the millennium, he swung violently to the right, as reflected in his website and its "Libertarian Socialist News" service, which was for several years the second...

Chuck Baldwin, a 35-year Florida “guns and God” pastor and a leader in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, moved his apocalyptic mission to Montana in 2010, forming a new church in a burgeoning center for antigovernment and white supremacist extremists. Among his wild pronouncements as director of Accuracy in Media (AIM) are the claims that global warming is a scam perpetrated by the "religious left," that President Obama is a socialist Muslim, and that Marxist elements have hijacked the Roman Catholic Church in order to facilitate a "foreign... State Department and positioned him as a merchant whose products exist solely to render moot any kind of gun safety regulation. An itinerant neo-Nazi who joined a whole variety of racist groups over the decades and even operated from Estonia for a time, Cobb became known as an especially vicious character who posted horrific videos of things like Russian neo-Nazis beheading immigrants on his Podblanc video-sharing site. Stein has complained that today’s immigrants are engaged in “competitive breeding” to diminish the power of the white majority and has campaigned to repeal a 1965 immigration law that ended racial quotas that largely restricted immigration to Europeans. Roosh has repeatedly advocated for predatory and forceful sexual behavior in his books, on his Roosh V blog and on his popular manosphere platform, Return of Kings.

Cody Wilson’s trip down the rabbit hole of radical thought began in the aftermath of several mass shooting incidents. He pushes the idea that women are intellectually inferior to men, worth only the sexual pleasure and fertility they can provide and...

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