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And most of the students and parents showed no special interest in the famous student, something that Harvard has prided itself on in the past when welcoming the likes of Natalie Portman to their campus.

Malia will not be the only big name on campus either, with 'Black-ish' star Yara Shahidi set to start classes a little later in the year.

This year I was assigned an intern to train and manage for the first time.Barack and Michelle, who both went to Harvard Law School, had their sunglasses on long before they exited Malia's dorm and kept their faces looking down as they rushed into their SUV, leaving their daughter behind to start her new life.Barack has made no secret in the past about how emotional he gets at these moments, also crying when daughter Malia graduated high school back in June of 2016.Courtesy of Jason Corey A few students posted snaps of Malia to social media on Tuesday, including one young woman who could not contain her excitement when her father sent a picture of her brother chatting with the former first daughter.'My brother and Malia are about to be besties,' wrote Robin Daggers, whose younger brother is attending Harvard on a full scholarship.She also included the photo her father sent of Malia and her brother chatting in front of the dorm.

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