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The dispersions of the Jews from their homelands proved to be both a bane and a boon. Again and again Jews were obliged to make a new life in strange surroundings. Most importantly, the Jews were a literate people who shared a common language with their relatives and compatriots in other lands.

The Jews have not only been the "People of the Book" but the people who, in the main, could read a book.

Start by learning some useful phrases, then dive into Japanese sounds and writing systems.

If you want to speak Japanese, start by watching Japanese movies or TV shows that fit your interests.

The Jews enjoyed a commercial advantage by virtue of familial ties and ability to communicate.

Having a common interest, they established commercial liaisons of mutual benefit, and were, often uniquely, able to issue letters of credit that were certain to be honored months later from distant lands.

Importantly, it leads to the ability to communicate over time and space.

If you’re able to pick up a cheap copy then it might help you get started, but in my opinion there are many other courses and products more worthy of the full cost of this program.

I'm an Applied Linguistics graduate, teacher and translator.

If you see the glass as half-full when others see it as half-empty; if you look on the bright side of things, you're optimistic.

If the chain falls off your rusty old bicycle, a tire goes flat, the frame cracks down the middle, the seat keeps twisting around, and you say, "But look!

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