Is robin wright penn dating anyone

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Our heroine’s only response to seeing her aunt kiss Kat is “Wow, Aunt Trish” and an accepting smile.Trish smiles back, with a glib “We’re a couple of black sheep, you and me!Chris (Keanu Reeves), the 30-something son of another retirement community couple, makes a big impression on her.

Reeves puts in one of the best performances in his career.The tone of the film is darkly comic, often satisfyingly gleeful in even its most somber and disturbing moments.There is death, suicide, infidelity, addiction, and dysfunctional family trauma, truly the darkest and slimiest aspects of life — along with delicious dream sequences, romance and some exceptionally funny moments.Bello, alternatively, gives a stellar turn as a housewife in an unfeeling, plastic world and as a completely unhinged addict who cannot understand why things keep falling apart.The early scenes between mother and daughter are particularly powerful.

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