Is scott clifton dating anyone

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After his mother's death and graduating from college, Liam went to Los Angeles to find his father, whom he first suspected was someone at Forrester Creations.

He then got himself a job as a computer tech at Spencer Publications.

He comes clean to Hope that when he came back home, he fell and hit his head, knocking him unconscious and when he woke up the next morning saw Amber in his bed with him.

Hope believes and forgives him, but they end up drifting apart which Oliver sees as a chance to get back together with Hope.

Bill fires Liam when the Forresters decide to sue him and comes across a picture that Liam had left in his office.

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Justin Barber, a longtime friend and associate of Bill Spencer, gets his hands on the recording and plays it for the whole world to hear.

Their friendship blossoms into romance partly due to Hope, like Liam, having grown up not knowing her birth father.

The relationship continues to thrive until Hope's ex sister-in-law Amber Moore enters the picture, telling them that she and Liam slept together.

Batchelder, 48, passed away on Monday, March 5, 2018 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was a faith formation instructor, lector and greeter at St. Her love of animals was shown through her business, Pet’s Best Friend and by volunteering with her boys at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter.

She was the daughter of the late Delbert (Kathleen) and Elinor Browne. She was also an active volunteer at the ACS Hope Club .

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