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and send them home with gift baskets full of autographed memorabilia the next morning.

(And if you believe certain rumors, Jeter also gives the gift that keeps on giving, all around the A-list. )Before Vanessa Minnillo became Mrs Nick Lachey, the erstwhile MTV VJ had an on-again off-again fling with Derek Jeter from 2003 to 2006.

I think one of the things that Jessica and I have that is pretty cool is that we have a lot of respect for each other.

'And we really do value the other’s opinion and thoughts. And so I think we both have a strong sense of [discipline].

And Cash Warren, 38, has admitted that he remains just as thrilled and excited about life with the actress as they prepare for the birth of their third child - and the fact that she's one of Hollywood's most beautiful stars hasn't been lost on him either. 'With their being a gap of a few years between their youngest child and their soon-to-arrive baby, Cash has admitted that the whole process of getting ready for a new arrival feels like a first-time experience.'Life has sped up on our end, I feel like,' he said.

Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, he gushed of his 36-year-old wife: 'I’m always impressed by how hot she is! 'When you have kids, it really feels like time really is flying.

We’re trying to really build it into a lifestyle brand that stands for something beyond just the products we make.'The apparel has proved to be such a huge success in the US that it has now been made available in London - and at one of the English capital's most prestigious stores.'We have always wanted to go international, and got the introduction to Selfridges - they were into it, and we were so excited!

But now we’re kind of like, maybe we might have to name the third one an H name. 'My parents named me Cash, at a time probably when there weren’t many out there. I think it’s fun to have a name that stands out a bit.'The duo will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next year after meeting on set where he was a production assistant.

'I don’t really have any secrets [to a happy marriage]' he concedes, 'Because I think everything is [achieved when] you out in hard work.

We expect them to behave and act right and correctly. We both have that disciplinarian kind of trait in our blood.' On balancing work and home life, he added: 'Dads are active and involved in home lives as well. And the work/life balance is really just about being present in the moment.'Cash founded his apparel line, Pair of Thieves, with an old friend from middle school, Alan Stuart, as well as an old UCLA buddy David Ehrenberg.

I think that the idea is that when I go home, I really do turn off all of my devices. 'I do a really good job of ignoring work when I’m at home. So when we’re with our kids, we’re really 100 per cent with our kids. He says of the store: 'We really set to just to build a basics brand and make products that could perform for everyday use and something that really separated itself from the plethora of options that we have when we go to stores.

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