Kadeem hardison dating

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but, i’m always ready and willing to just keep pushing and working and going because it’s in my spirit right now.

from the hardison-parker relationship, what other changes are going on with the team?

a new setting is amazing ‘cause it’s new for the team and it’s new for our characters.

he taps into all the banking and cia systems, regularly uses computer viruses, and managed to hack the san lorenzo email system to send a message to every citizen in just an hour (s03ep16), and hacked into the white house email in 3 days (s02ep01).

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i want to know more about his family and his background.

” in my downtime, when i’m in my trailer, i sit there and try to write.

this year, he’s in the role of boyfriend, and i want to flesh that out even more.at the end of this episode, hardison and parker's plan to go on a picnic under the stars is foiled when a big thunder storm cuts in.it is slowly revealed through the episode parker and eliot also called for help, each making sophie promise she wouldn't tell nate.he knows how to do his job well and he knows how to keep honoring his character.he tries to get eliot to use a code that references odd numbered star trek films as meaning everything is ok, and references to even numbered star treks meaning something is wrong.

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