Kid cudi dating

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He specifically notes the competition of musicians like Drake and Kendrick Lamar, as well as the fact that wasn’t receiving radio play.

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Kanye traces their beef back to two particular episodes: 1.) JAY-Z and Beyoncé not attending his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding in 2014.

50 cent for instance has no respect amoung hip-hop heads these days barring him from consideration for this list and there are many more bad rappers who are famous and sell records but everyone other than the pop crowd knows there garbage.

Like fiddy and nelly and Mike Jones we all know there garbage.

Several big producers have traveled up to the mountain retreat as well, and so has 'a ton of audio and recording equipment.'Oprah Winfrey's onetime personal chef Paul Zlatos is said to be rendering his culinary services to this big-name group.

Kid Cudi and Drake have infamously feuded, with Cudi dissing Drake for relying on songwriters and Drake mocking Cudi's mental health problems.

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