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This sense of familiarity can be blamed for keeping acquaintances trapped in the dreaded “friend zone” and also tends to prevent people from branching out of their existing social circles.

Also part of the problem is the fact that the city boasts very few places where like-minded locals can go to meet one another.

Hot spots like Dizz’s As Is boasted delicious food, fine wines and a warm atmosphere that made getting to know one another an effortless process—perfect places to fall in love, especially for couples like Bob and Stephanie Mister, who grew up in Laguna, met in Laguna and fell in love in Laguna. He took me on nice dates—no pressure; he just really wanted to get to know me. Email and all this stuff wasn’t available back then.

The Misters, now married for 27 years, first met in 1984, the year Stephanie was renting a back house near Laguna Beach High School. It was nice to get a note, or he’d be there with flowers on my doorstep.” Over the next few years the couple dated, often spending many of their dates, including their first Valentine’s Day together, at Dizz’s.

In 1986, the two married at Tivoli Terrace, and they’ve since moved to Three Arch Bay. Chivalry, the nice things, the flowers, it’s just [lost now]. It’s a sign of the times.” Fast-forward to present-day Laguna.

Stephanie knows their story is unique, especially given how much times have changed. It’s a charming yet small beach town, a tourist magnet yet the kind of place where strangers are few and far between.

Breaking the Mold It’s an unfortunate reality that a certain stereotype has cursed the young adults of Laguna, and it just may explain why dating in this town is so difficult.

The town was filled with gentlemen who’d take their dates somewhere quiet, somewhere with an ambience conducive to conversation.

He thought the conversation was flowing smoothly and offered to buy the woman a drink.

She politely accepted—and as he handed her the drink, turned around to re-gift it to the boyfriend she’d conveniently forgotten to mention.

Shelby Jarvis, a 34-year-old bachelorette, has spent her life in Laguna and finds the limited selection of suitors in the city disappointing.

“Since it’s a relaxed beach town, you get a lot of guys who don’t really have full-time careers and are in vacation mode,” she explains.

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