Lauren london and chris brown dating

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She missed so many girl's nights to cook for him. "Good I heard about that fling ya'll doin'" everyone's head snapped up at Cole's to see her next move.Then he had the nerve to cheat with a hoe not even a decent female. Lauren and Chyna both looked at Cole as if asking her how she knew him. "Well it's little more serious than that but then again to you wouldn't know cause all we had was a fling, right.In reality me and Ashely were only meeting for an innocent lunch and Ash kissed me.I got caught in the moment and kissed back but pulled away after remembering what I had with Cole.I smiled and then Cole's shot me a look that could kill.She just stared and her face turned redder and redder by the second.She is really in love with this Chris nigga like forreal. "You might wanna look up it's someone you know!

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Quentin, being a chip off the old paternal block, is the most disconnected from the ... This is a movie that the whole family can watch together and love it.

" Amber stated looking in the direction of the guy.

God what have I done to have to face this unfaithful ass nigga again.

I don't even think she saw us kiss but she started assuming like always and broke up with me.

To be honest I miss her and hope she gives me a chance to explain.

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