Laws in north carolina for dating a minor

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A former Guilford County, North Carolina District Attorney, Schlosser has been in private practice at the Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett since 1983 and has been a member of the North Carolina State Bar since 1973.

Dear posters, I have a quick question for you, if you don't mind~ I'm 16, currently dating an 18 year old.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, reach out to a North Carolina criminal lawyer immediately.

About the Author: Attorney Mike Schlosser represents victims of personal injury, those charged with a crime, as well as those facing traffic charges.

(Homosexual relationship) My mother is completely fine with the relationship, as are her parents.

We don't take part in any romantic interactions in public (holding hands, kissing etc.).

Prosecution for these sort of crimes carries very serious criminal and civil penalties.

What about high school relationships where a senior is 18 and they are dating a 17-year-old – is that statutory rape? Because of these types of complications, our state created an “age of consent.” The age of consent means two things: So the situation above where the 24-year-old youth leader had sex with a 15-year-old? Because the minor is younger than the age of consent.

As written, the law only to applies to "vaginal intercourse," and therefore presumably only to heterosexual sexual acts.

As a result, it is not clear what North Carolina’s age of consent for homosexual conduct is.

If, however, the minor had been 16 or older, the fact that he or she gave consent could at least be argued as a valid defense strategy. If the child is younger than 13, the charges are more severe.

The following are a list of common charges related to statutory rape based on the age of the victim: North Carolina and the “Romeo and Juliet” Exception We all know a couple that has been together through their middle or high school years.

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