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According to the announcement, the AICPA is no longer offering this service and FASB is now handling all renewal orders and fulfillment for this publication.

The AICPA will continue to offer AICPA re SOURCE: Accounting and Auditing Literature, which includes both the AICPA and FASB reference libraries online.

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South Bend’s annual Re Leaf program was initially scheduled to end November 30, however snowfall delayed the program’s official end until December 8.

The city’s quadrants receive two passes as part of the Re Leaf program.

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While the city is making an effort to collect all loose leaves, it advises residents who want a firm guarantee that their leaves will be picked up, to bag leaves in Kraft paper bags and call 311, the city’s resident service line, to schedule a special pickup.

South Bend residents are entitled to one special yard-waste pickup, or trash pickup, per month.

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