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Watching anyone as endearing as Micarelli play someone as embraceable as Annie, who first lights up the screen 10 minutes into Season 1/Episode 2, it's almost impossible to see or hear one without thinking about the other. We're all musicians and we play that instrument." So Micarelli tackled that knotty subject and many more during an animated phone conversation in late March from her home in Los Angeles, where she was taking a few days off before returning to New Orleans to resume Episode 8 in this 11-episode Season 2. ' " There are fewer crazed moments now, Micarelli says, unless they involve scenes with Melissa Leo just after the Best Supporting Actress for "The Fighter" returns from her Oscar celebration.Both are easy on the eyes and the ears, though Lucia (at left, photo: HBO/Paul Schiraldi) might be more hesitant to break into song than Annie, who occasionally provided lovely harmonies as a street musician involved in an ill-fated relationship with a troubled keyboardist named Sonny (Michiel Huisman) in Season 1. While discussing , which premieres April 24, and her exploding career, the up-and-coming performer took some extra time to dispel rumors, debunk myths and separate fact from fiction (with mild spoiler alerts). "It's just like when you watch a really amazing magician," she says, marveling about the many gifted performers -- led by Simon MVPs Wendell Pierce, Khandi Alexander and Clarke Peters -- she gets to see work.While Annie is shy, soft-spoken and reticent, Lucia is engaging, outspoken, quick to respond and easily amused. Fact: A former Julliard pupil who also studied with Pinchas Zukerman, Lucia is sure about her abilities as a musician. Fiction: A star on the rise in her musical universe, Annie still needs a ton of encouragement. And David would be just like (imitating his slowly raising voice), 'Lucia, I know what I'm doing. And when you tell me that you don't know why you're here, that's insulting to me. "And you're just like, 'I'm right in front of you and I'm watching and I still can't understand how you're doing that.' " This season, Lucia/Annie has found a strong shoulder to lean on.No wonder Worth Watching" before the premiere that takes place three months after the devastating 2005 hurricane that forever changed "The City That Care Forgot." Regarding the instrument she plays, Micarelli quickly reveals her candid self. Micarelli admits she feels less intimidated and more secure in Season 2 ("I'm still very hesitant to call myself an actress," she says), but 2010 was a year of living precariously. Steve Earle, the Hardcore Troubadour who had a small recurring part in Simon's 's first season, returns as street sage Harley Watt.Pursuing an acting career, she realizes, is "going to be a long, slow burn and it will take me a long time to feel like I'm proficient." She likes the challenge of juggling careers, but "I definitely think of myself as a musician first." Micarelli already has released two classical albums -- 's Season 1 soundtrack, toured with Jethro Tull, Josh Groban and Chris Botti and served as featured violinist and concertmaster for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra."I am sort of brainstorming on another album," she says, noting that this role has widened her focus despite having already added Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" to her crossover repertoire.

"This opportunity is a fantastic fit for me in my life. Playing one of the more compelling characters in a show filled with rich, juicy parts, Micarelli often gets stopped on the street by complete strangers. I would be like, 'Is there something I should know about, you guys? ' " Fact: Lucia is engaged and planning a summer wedding with Neel Hammond, a violinist, violist, arranger and composer."Everybody down in New Orleans always makes a big deal about that, where people apologize if they call me a fiddler," she says, laughing. He's magazine reported before Season 1 (and subsequently changed online).Of course, the series also employs a wide range of local performers in the production, with some (Trombone Shorty, Galactic) more famous than others ( theme songwriter-singer John Boutte, trumpeter Kermit Ruffins). Both are passionate, expressive musicians who slowly but surely are building a buzz after investing years of training as classical violinists.Credit a team of talented and flexible writers for keeping it real by tailoring Annie's backstory to fit Lucia's background.

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