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This ensures that your whole penis is always receiving maximum pleasure; however, it does require a penis that is greater than 6".Add more intensity by twisting your hands back-and-forth as you stroke.Before we get into the Male Multiple Orgasm Swish, let me first explain the Swish pattern: The Swish Pattern is an NLP "mind exercise" used to change how your brain/ body responses to something that you see, hear or feel (the trigger). We're going to follow the same steps except this time our trigger will be a feeling instead of an image.Remember, you can use an image, a sound or a feeling as your stimulus, whichever seems to trigger your response the strongest.The cue feeling (associated), for me: that “empty feeling that I begin to get after ejaculation. The desired image (disassociated): a moving picture of me in High sexual excitement to the point where I feel the beginnings of a raging erection.But remember, the desired image MUST be disassociated.For this Male Multiple Orgasm Swish example, we're going to use a feeling as the trigger: After doing this Male Multiple Orgasm Swish 10 to 15 times, you will have drastically reduced your resolution time and be well on your well to experiencing multiple male orgasm with full-blown ejaculation.

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Considering how many men suffer daily from prostate diseases like enlargement or cancer, anything that improves your prostate strength and health is a good idea.

Its job is to allow you to inexpensively add a little bit of reality to your jackoff sessions. Here are a few just to give you an idea: Adult Sex Dolls: If for maximum pleasure is important to you, Adult Sex Dolls for men might be for you.

These male toys come in two style: full-body and partial-body.

Just keep stroking untill you feel that it is done." "I found that a strong vibrator works great simply place it on high for best results and harder longer orgasm.

Place the vibrator or anything that has a strong vibration (back Messager) works too place it on your penis under the head or on circomsision scar if you are cut.

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