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Additionally, the heat generated by centrifugal juicers can also damage the end product, and can even cause the machine to overheat.



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For purposes of analysis or description, the components of mastication may be categorized as opening, closing, left lateral, right lateral, or anteroposterior jaw movements.n the movements of the mandible during the chewing cycle, which are controlled by neuromuscular action and are correlated with the structural attributes of the temporomandibular joints and the proprioceptive sense of the periodontal ligament.

There are three phases in the physiology of mastication: the incision of food, the mastication of the bolus, and the act of swallowing.

Cold press juicers extract more nutrients than their centrifugal counterparts and the juice created tends to last longer (though it should be imbibed as soon as possible because it starts to lose nutrients when it hits the air) because the masticating juicer greatly reduces the amount of oxidation that occurs during the juicing process.

However, this type of juicer cannot handle whole pieces of fruit and it does not produce juice as quickly as the centrifugal type.

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