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Even if he didn’t like the job all that much, if he feels that he didn’t deserve to lose his job he will very likely start questioning his own sense of potency (ability to have an effect in the world) and his own sense of deserving-ness.

As a result, your guy probably feels like a worthless loser on the inside.

And given that she was aware of my body configuration I have to think that is a strange comment to make to me on a date.

It really depends on the person’s personality, how the rest of their life is, their social support outside of your relationship, etc.It’s pretty easy to feel anger over such blatant sexism, and it immediately reminded me of some of my own experiences of feeling ignored at times in my own workplace.But then she said something that struck a really odd chord: “Yeah, it’s supposed to represent artists from the South, but it turns out it’s just a total sausage fest.” Okay, we all get the basic meaning here.The problem is, there’s no telling how long this will take.I can tell you that I went through this and it took me a year to really, truly get my act together again.

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