No sex after 3 months of dating

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That's when I realized: It’s not really sex that I’m missing. Some of my friends have suggested sex with my ex if it’d make me feel better (it wouldn’t, and that ship sailed three years ago), others have hinted that I should just bite the bullet and have a one night stand, but it’s just not my style to be that casual. Even so, it’s irking me and has left me feeling unwanted.

Sure, I might have no-strings-attached sex on vacation, but I can’t imagine meeting someone at some bar near my apartment, bringing him home, and banging him. So I reached out to board-certified sexologist Kat Van Kirk, author of .

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So here's the honest truth: I haven’t had sex since July.“Decide to stay ‘in the game’ even when you aren’t getting laid,” she says.“Stay social and open to possibilities that are out there.We’ve always been friends—and flirted constantly—since then, but when the texting escalated to sexy talk, I was more than a little intrigued.So much so that when I received a dirty photo, it made me really long for doggy style.

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