No signups no money just text and fuck

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i Pro Network’s MLM offering is a speculative investment opportunity, no different to the mountain of MLM altcoins already launched.

Affiliates sign up, invest money, receive non-publicly tradeable tokens in exchange and hope the price goes up – so that eventually they can cash out.

Note that weekly residual binary commissions are capped, based on how much an affiliate invested when they signed up: A “ranked team” refers to the rank of a personally recruited affiliate and their downline. You recruit an affiliate who eventually qualifies at Pro 3.

That affiliate’s downline (which is within your own downline) is now a Pro 3 ranked team.

If merchants are accepting Pro coin off the bat, who are they and given Pro coin is not publicly tradeable, how are they converting Pro coin to a currency they can run their businesses on?

The second disconnect is that whatever does or doesn’t happen on the Retail Discount Platform is entirely detached from the MLM opportunity.

Curiously, the i Pro Network website claims Contreras (right) has owned ‘‘.

Yet I couldn’t find anything about Contreras non-MLM or MLM businesses.

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of new i Pro Network affiliates.The impression I got was that i Pro Network were just offering a regular affiliate network, on top of which they’re overlaying Pro coin.That is to say while it looks like you’re paying for goods and services in Pro coin, on the backend i Pro Network are sending fiat currency to merchants.With Pro coin not being publicly tradeable, i Pro Network wholly control the value of the coin – which is the same old Ponzi points story we’re all pretty familiar with now.New investment eventually dries up, i Pro Network are starved of cash and affiliates are hit with withdrawal problems.

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