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In some cases, surgeons recommend placing a multifocal lens in one eye, in order to achieve good near vision, and a monofocal lens in the other eye, in order to achieve good distance vision.

The spherical design of monofocal lenses means that they are only capable of providing vision correction for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

You might find it surprising that after undergoing vision correction surgery, you still require eyeglasses for near vision reading.

Well, what if there was a way to have cataract surgery and restore vision at all distances? As the name implies, a multifocal IOL offers more than one lens power.

Traditional cataract surgery has primarily been used to restore distance vision.

With this traditional approach, post-cataract surgery near vision is corrected using eyeglasses.

Because there is only one focusing distance in the lens, there is no loss of quality of distance vision (unlike a multifocal).

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Furthermore, the College acknowledges that employees who are unable to perform their regular duties as a result of illness, injury, diminished capacity or disability will be accommodated if possible, as per requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Workplace Safety Insurance Act.” During the period of absence and prior to returning to employment, the Health, Safety and Wellness Department will follow-up with the employee and/or the Physician where sufficient information has not been provided.By moving forward in the back of the eye on small hinges, the lens can change its power in the eye, similar to the process of accommodation of the eye’s natural lens.An example of an accommodating lens is the Crystalens.Wherever possible, an employee should arrange for medical appointments outside of normal working hours, particularly for frequent or recurring appointments.Time required to attend appointments during working hours will be at the discretion of the College.

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