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After that he lay on my body and told me, “ Rekha this is fantastic! The idea of you exposing your body to your Dc really excited me. Go ahead and do it.”I did not understand his words “ Go ahead and do it!” But I gathered that he wont have any objection even if I fucked my boss.I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes.They make every male look at me twice and I have trouble shaking away many such lechers.He wants me to wear the sari tightly so that my ass is prominently visible.Ohh dear I would love to wear such clothes for him. ”I found that he was very much excited and he fucked me vigorously holding me tightly in his strong arms.I was afraid that he would get angry with me but , to my surprise he started to get hard again and taking me in his arms he started to fuck me again.

I am working in a private concern as Personal Assistant for many years. I am 28 and married to loving husband who too works in public sector company.We have been married for about 4 years now and have one son.Initially our married life was very exciting and we used to fuck almost daily, except for those four days each woman has.At first he was silent and then he asked me the real reason for working for Dc .With great reluctance I told him that I found Dc handsome.

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