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Featuring the Voice of the World Gold Label 10 inch speaker, the Orange Rocker 15 delivers a high level of efficiency, along with a strong bottom end and a powerful projection, whilst retaining the crisp, bell-like chime.

Some things are very obvious such as non-original or reconed speakers, non-original transformers, replaced pots, re-tweed, re-tolex, re-grill, etc.

and these changes are often disclosed and of a non-malicious nature.

With footswitchable Clean and Dirty channels our new high gain, four stage preamp design serves up a huge palette of overdriven and distorted sounds, rich in harmonic overtones.

The sheer punch achieved through the Crush 20's custom 8″ Voice of the World speaker is nothing short of staggering, with a commanding delivery that belies amp's modest footprint.

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