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After the death of Ahmed Gure, Kilolé resumed his predecessor's raids, piercing further into Ethiopian territory.

Aided by the weakening of both the Ethiopian Kingdom and Adal, he was able to raid as far as the province of Dawaro, north of Bali.

Further advances were made under Robalé, during whose time Shewa was pillaged and Gojjam attacked.

For the first time, Oromo advances were devastating core Ethiopian provinces, whereas there earlier incursions were simply against frontier provinces.

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All of Dewaro was pillaged and Fetegar to its north was attacked for the first time.The early migrations were characterized by sporadic raids by the Oromo on the frontiers of the Ethiopian kingdom.After capturing cattle and other booty, the raiding parties would quickly return to their homelands.Francisco de Almeida, however, agreed with Bahrey's dating, affirming that the Galla first began migrating around the time of Ahmed Gragn's invasion (1527).During the time of luba Bifolé, the Oromo migration achieved its first major success.

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