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Being sick is bad enough at home, even worse at college and one of the worst things that could happen abroad.Make sure your medical coverage is up to date and you have the paperwork handy.14.Some days you’ll be tempted to stay in and watch tv or movies but there’s such much to do in the city it’s important to force yourself to get out.5. There are a bunch of apps to get that will make your time in London a whole lot easier, whether for staying in touch finding a restaurant or catching a cab.• Viber is great for texting (and calling as long as you have wifi.)• Whatsapp is for texting.Download these two apps before you go as they will send you a confirmation email to register.• Citymapper tells you how to get to any address via the tube, bus or walking. • Hailo finds cabs nearby and allows you to pay for in through the app with a credit card if you’re running low on cash.• Tripadviser lists the top attractions and will give basic info like how much it costs, the hours and a general description.• Zomato uses your location to find restaurants in your area.Take at least one class that forces you out of the classroom.Most universities will offer a few classes each semester that are purely focused on getting students out of the classroom and out into the city.Even if you don’t go to a game, watching one at a pub with friends and cheering on your team can be a great way to experience London culture. By walking a new way home, to class, to a different tube stop or even just walking to walk, you pay more attention to your surroundings. Most of the museums and main sights you can see for free and if not, that student card I mentioned before can get you in at a discount rate. When you first get to London everything is new and exciting and you’ll be motivated to take it all in right away.

For a lot of places, something as simple as adding your email address to a mailing list will get you free entry!

Within the first few weeks of getting here, go out and see all the cliche stuff. This one may seem corny but it’s a good idea to write down the places you go or travel to, what you see and how you’re feeling throughout your abroad experience.

You can always go back another time too but don’t leave London without seeing all the major attractions! You’re going to want to be able to look back and remember everything you did.

Before you go try to save up as much money as you can because whatever you think you’re going to spend, you’ll probably spend more.

Things like a security deposit, buying books or forgetting something small will add up. Showing a student card can get you discounts at retail stores, restaurants and clubs.

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