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Others are also warning that the app - which 'lures' people to certain areas as they attempt to hunt down the monsters - could be used by pedophiles to trap distracted children.

These pictures show the characters appearing in the street (left) and one someone's ash tray (right) Elsewhere, people have reported seeing distracted players wandering across roads without noticing oncoming traffic, while drivers have also been pulling over in dangerous spots to catch one of the sought-after creatures.

She said several children arrived at the spot without parents, ignoring 'stranger danger' radar Pokemon Go allows players to flit between the real and virtual world to capture different creatures which appear on phone screens in a number of real-life locations (the map of the game is pictured above)Fans - known as Poketrainers - will start with either Bulbasaur, Charmeleon or Pikachu as their main monster, before walking around the real world and chasing the virtual characters as they appear in different locations on their phone screens.The woman accepts and soon introduces her cousin into the club.Then she finds out that her cousin is doing housecalls which Tricks bribed her to do.Come to a new House Party, where Kid, after a lifetime 'playing the field', falls in love and is about to get married.'Play' plans to throw the rockin'est bachelor party ever - until '...

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