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Dont be a pleasure hog your every smile is a dagger, Happiness is murder.

Technically, if you're sexually attracted to prepubescent children, and you either act on or are distressed by it, then you're a pedophile.

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Then it went on to these "preteen modelling" sites which have had me addicted untill this point i have downloaded thousands upon thousands of "sets" and have hundreds of differnt models hidden deep on an external hardrive i have dreams of these girls and one girl i started to become attracted to her even though ive never met her.

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I remember in school I had a skimpy photo of a preteen boy as the wallpaper on my school computer, lol!

Well pre pubescant doesnt quite describe the age groups of girls i have they range from maybe 13 - 17 ephedophilia ( orwhateveritis) is how i described it.

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