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Eighteen of them were done by Heinrich Buerkel, a native of the area. Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced that the U. has entered into a settlement agreement with the Leopold Museum in Austria and the estate of Lea Bondi Jaray on the civil forfeiture action involving the "Portrait of Wally" painting. In 1997, the Leopold Museum loaned "Wally" to The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. It is illegal to import stolen property into the U. In July 2010, the Leopold Museum agreed to compensate the family estate for the artwork.

The paintings were formally welcomed home in September 2010 after being displayed at the Goethe Institute in Manhattan. "Wally" was painted by Egon Schiele, one of the most prominent Austrian artists of the 20th century, in 1912. Since this painting was owned by the Jaray family -- not the Leopold Museum -- the U. ICE returned an 18th century, leather-bound, hand-written manuscript, missing since 1943, to Venafro, Italy. about returning the manuscript to its rightful owners.

ICE works with experts to authenticate the items, determine their true ownership and return them to their countries of origin.

ICE returned 11 oil paintings to the Pirmasen Municipal Museum in Germany. serviceman who had served in Pirmasens in 1945 turned a number of the paintings over to ICE.

After an extensive joint investigation, ICE returned the items seized in the United States, and El Salvador was able to prosecute a man and wife who were illegally trying to sell the items, both in El Salvador and on the Internet to buyers in several countries. A discount retail store bought the crated goods and shipped them by train to a warehouse in Cleveland, where they were discovered to contain human skulls when two warehouse workers accidentally dropped a crate and broke a mold containing a skull.

The employees notified ICE and an investigation ensued.

On March 24, 2010, ICE returned a 20th century oil painting that was stolen in 1989 from the Marlborough Art Gallery in Manhattan to the Art Loss Register.

"Bildnis in der Laube" (Portrait in the Garden, 1930) was created by Paul Klee, an internationally acclaimed Swiss painter of German origin who painted more than 500 works of art.

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In 2008, ICE agents in Seattle initiated an undercover investigation after receiving information that an individual was attempting to sell the bookmark.The manuscript, "Domain and Baronage in the City of Venafro," written by Giovanni Antonio Monachetti dates back to 1710. After conducting research about the manuscript, the curator of the Des Moines Art Center realized that it was the same one missing from the town of Venafro. ICE returned two paintings, "Modern Painting with Yellow Interweave"; by Roy Lichtenstein and "Figures Dans Une Structure"; by Joaquin Torres-Garcia, to the government of Brazil. The paintings may have been linked to financial crimes committed by Ferreira.The paintings, which belonged to Brazilian banker Edemarcid Ferreira, were smuggled into the U. He was convicted in Brazil of crimes against the national financial system and money laundering and is now serving 21 years in prison. ICE investigated the artifacts after they were advertised on e Bay in 2008.An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was returned to the Arab Republic of Egypt by ICE and CBP officials on March 10, 2010, at the National Geographic Society in Washington D. A CBP officer in Miami examined the wooden coffin for agricultural concerns during routine inspections of goods coming into the U. and was concerned that the coffin might require a permit.The officer referred the item to ICE for investigation.

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