Pros and cons of dating a fraternity guy thomas bloomberg dating

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The ones that she wasn’t really friends with basically treated me as a stranger, which is what I expected pretty much. And I frequently got hit on by other sorority girls who didn’t know I had a girlfriend.

Which my girlfriend got mad at me for some reason when they did that.

Finally, this could further the flawed assumption that women are the more dutiful sex; that we are naturally better at policing inappropriate behavior.Or would they take on a riot grrrl theme, with cheap gin and DIY tattoos? Some sorority members are pushing for permission to hold alcohol-fueled parties on college campuses, the reported Monday, arguing that doing so would give them more control over the sexual dynamics that have historically been stacked against women at frat parties."I would definitely feel safer at a sorority party," said one George Washington University senior."It’s the home-court advantage."Today's college students go to "frat parties" rather than "sorority parties" because sororities pay lower insurance rates in exchange not serving alcohol.I first heard the sorority-party idea from Michael Kimmel, an expert in masculinity and a professor at Stony Brook University in Long Island, whom I profiled for the magazine recently.During our interview, he suggested that colleges might be able to reduce their rates of rape simply by putting the women in charge of the alcohol.

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