Quicken 2016 updating financial institution information

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(Central Time) Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable due to routine maintenance.

In order to minimize disruption to our customers we schedule maintenance at times during which these systems are least likely to be used.

When you're creating an account in Quicken, you may not be able to find your financial institution on the available list; there could be a couple of reasons for this: Second, refresh Branding & Profile: To resolve download issues in a Direct Connect account you'll need to refresh your financial institution's branding server and profile information.

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Please be aware that between the hours of p.m., tonight, Friday, March 23, and Saturday, March 24 at a.m.

Duplicate Quicken Transactions This may occur after you received a new download, and the transaction didn't match during the normal matching procedure. We are available am to pm Pacific Time, Sunday through Saturday.

Important: Please be sure to get the check number from the Wells Fargo customer service representative assisting you, as you may need it to update your register.

For example, our online services are unavailable due to server maintenance, high server traffic, or an unexpected outage.

Follow the steps below to address or learn more about your specific issue.

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