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Bighorn developed some unusual character traits as a result of his beast mode on Gaia. When Lio Convoy gave the Maximals a mission to find the Galvaburg II, Bighorn raced off, eager to confront the enemy.The very sight of a red flower filled him with rage and manic energy he could not expel even after slamming his head into a rock wall. As he crossed paths with Starscream and BB, however, they had their own mission to find Lio Convoy for Megastorm, and had no interest in fighting him. from being chased by Megastorm and unleashed his rage on the Duke of Destruction.When NAVI alerted the Maximals to a new threat arising on Gaia, it was the aggressive Bighorn who finally spurred his teammates out of their ennui.Their ship, the Yukikaze, was shot down by the Predacons over Gaia, leading Bighorn and the others to evacuate in escape pods, and scan beast modes once they arrived on the planet's surface.

When Lio Convoy started to talk with the Insectrons, though, a hidden Starscream and BB opened fire on the lot of them to avoid any peace.Before they could resolve their issues, Lio Convoy called them in for another meeting about the Insectrons.Lio Convoy insisted the Insectrons were potential allies, not enemies, but Bighorn couldn't see the threatening Insectrons as anything but foes.His special attacks, including the ability to summon lightning from the sky and the ability to launch a devastating missile from his mouth, lay waste to all those around him... This blind fury in battle often makes Bighorn as much a liability as an asset to the Maximal cause.And yet, there's more to Bighorn than just the unstoppable killing machine. Beneath the slobbering exterior beats the spark of a poet, a naturalist, a lover.

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