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One Christmas Day, however, when the old and the young called on her to give their greetings, she was not by the window to welcome them.

People wondered at her absence and shouted her name to call her attention but no one came to answer.

Virtually all had taken Filipina brides (or soon did so).

The region in and around the town still has many Sepoy descendants.

Changes in ecclesiastical administration made Cainta a part of Pasig under the Augustinians but it was deeded back to the Jesuits by the King of Spain in 1696. After the death of Rajah Matanda, Adelantado Miguel de Legaspi received word that two ships, San Juan and Espiritu Santo, had just arrived in Panay Island in the central Philippines from Mexico.

One ship was under the command of Don Diego de Legaspi, his nephew, and the other of Juan Chacon.

Some of the missionaries were sent to Cebu province in the central Philippines to accompany Father Martin de Rada the Prior.

When her parents died and she was left alone in the house, she continued her charity work.Cainta serves as the secondary gateway to the rest of Rizal province from Metro Manila.With the continuous expansion of Metro Manila, Cainta is now part of Manila's conurbation, which reaches Cardona in its easternmost part, and is therefore one of the most urbanized towns.During the 18th century, there was robust trade between Manila and the Coromandel Coast of Bengal, involving Philippine exports of tobacco, silk, cotton, indigo, sugarcane and coffee.Sepoy troops from Madras (now Chennai, Tamil Nadu), British India also arrived with the British expedition and occupation between 17 during the Seven Years' War.

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