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GRANITE COUNTERTOPS STARTING AT 29.99 SQ FT INSTALLED 30 colors to choose from Were one of the largest fabricators in NJ area. Mordechai Alfie Amud Hachessed Award ANNIVERSARY INNER th Tuesday, May 29 Ateres Reva Hall HONORING Mr. Heller lawsuit that aims to stop plans to build a development of over 500 houses from being built on the Eagle Ridge golf course cleared its rst hurdle w Those who donate to the Shavuos campaign of Kupat Hair will merit the fulfillment of the and will enjoy great success in the chinuch of their children Hagaon Hatzadik Harav Don Segal shlita, Hagaon LAKEWOOD NEWS continued from previous page By G.

Free edges finished by CNC Machine 12 bull, 14 round, 14 bevel, 12 bevel, The Mattesdorfer Rov Ztl K lal Yisroel was saddened to hear of the passing on Tuesday of Rav Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld ztl, Mattesdorfer Rov and Rosh Yeshivas Chasan Sofer. Heller cean County remembered its fallen police o cers and honored all peace o cers during the annual Law Enforcement Memorial Day Service on Friday, MOUR CK FOR BA AR 9TH YE LEARNING WILDERNESS W NE NEW E N T E R I N G G R A D E S 4T H 5T H E N T E R I N G G R A D E S 6T H 9T H MESIV TA BEIS MEDRASH BEN TORAH ENVIRONMENT GESHMAKA LEARNING LAKEWOOD NEWS Dear Dr.

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