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In 2015, the company opened its own e Commerce site. Cole he came out he explain this in this there’s different trays when he picked it up it was completely clean I got this can fridge or raider that I do not think it’s mine was dirty nasty look like Your employees was eating in this fridge raider they tell me Mr.In 2014, customers claimed that Aaron’s has installed spyware on their computer rentals, sending the company hundreds of thousands of email addresses, social security numbers, passwords, even photographs from private accounts. Kevin told me they sent it out later on every employee from Pearl Mississippi store told me they never sent it out to be fixed that it was at that store for 20 days and did not tell me call it only takes two hours to redo this they had it for two days when I finally got it back I had to call HP and they told me I had to send it back to the store where I got it from and they liberty just want to head and miss the computer up and I cord the conversation that I had with the technician I record every conversation that I had with Pearl store because I am tired of your employees saying that I’m a liar just like call me a liar and my home and tell me that my refrigerator Was not clean when it got took out of here the fridge writer that he loaned me look like it was from a ghetto off the corner of somebody you could literally throw that fridge raider in the trash but it was a fridge or raider and I knew I was going to get mine back in time when I finally got they said my refrigerator back and I argued with them that that was not my refrigerator I had dance I had white marks in it in the fridge or raider was not clean I also had another guy name said to Rick that dropped it off made a comment that says oh you can clean it I believe that was disrespect I left my fridge raider for them to pick it up it was clean I should not have to clean your guys his fridge or raider were your employees stuck their food and napkins in and mold and I had rusted racks and I had different shelves and I had my shelves had white on them then I had missed your call call me a liar and said that I messed up this is a post to be fridge or raider I showed Mr.

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Aaron’s denied that this was corporate related and blamed franchises instead. Cole told him that this was not my fridge raider because there was stabbed holes in the back of the fridge raider there was not one there was not too there wasn’t three there’s over 8 to 9 in the back of this fridge or raider that’s why I know this is not mine I took pictures of this fridge raider I do not leave my fridge raider this way and for your employees to call me a liar and accuse me for messing up my own fridge or raider that I almost got paid off that is unacceptable that the racks were rusted which I know mine was not the covers are the shelves or a mismatch which mine was clear white cheese me they were white and these were clear then I had Mike cleared it that I was satisfied and it was dropped I am not happy with Happy with this I’ve been lied to you several times by Kevin looks like the store don’t know what’s going on I got called and who took the pictures of this fridge raider Kevin told me that Mr. cold if he’s got pictures he told me he did not that Mr.

Today, Aaron’s has over 2000 stores in the lower 48 states and Canada. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of .21 billion and employed more than 11,500 persons. Answer 1: The phone number for Aaron's is (678) 402-3000. Kevin would look over it and he would give me a call I have never got a call back from the store what so ever I brought a laptop in that I have got from you guys I understand that it was my fault that I locked myself out and I understand that was all on me when I gave the laptop To Mr.

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