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so you gained a buck, but lost my business forever. Reply On Saturday March 17,2018 I allowed a niece and nephew to go in to Dollar tree and get to the two item.

They were sold a item that they told the cashier was not theirs, and given the wrong item by your manger.

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This cannot be lastly this is an ongoing thing because I am a daily shopper there and I’ve heard this on many ocassions.. and there was a manager in there by the name of Angel I know that was her name because I’ve heard alot of customers speak of her as well as hearing her employees call her by her name.

on garden Street today and the manager in there by the name of Angel.

I know this is her name because I asked her name nonchantly about something in the store.

Answer 1: The phone number for Dollar Tree is (757) 321-5000. So busy that the lines were down the aisles and I, the Asst Mgr, was tasked with stocking freight, recovering, cleaning, blowing up balloons, and backup cashier.

There was no way possible to do anything other than cashier as were so busy.

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