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Ray fictionalized her experiences with Hays in a book, the story of a blonde bombshell who became the Rep. At one point he had even forged his wife's name to document transferring title of their home.

Leggett resigned, and became a successful lobbyist. TX) was accused by his former secretary, Colleen Gardner, of giving her a pay raise when she finally acceded to his sexual demands.

He agreed to undergo psychiatric treatment in exchange for the dropping of charges.

Notwithstanding efforts by his opponent to make the most of the negative stories, he won reelection.

She was pregnant with their second child when she went to Washington to force this issue of their marriage, only to discover Brown was having another affair with Annie Adams Kiskadden, a starlet and daughter of the famous actress Maude Adams.After discovering love letters that indicated Brown was planning to marry his new flame, she went to his hotel room, confronted him, and shot him.At her trial she pled "temporary insanity," and the jury acquitted her.In retirement, Mills explained that he had thought he had a brain tumor, and was trying to kill himself with liquor. Battistella penned an autobiography, The Congressman and the Stripper, which alleged that when she discovered she was pregnant with Mills's child, she had an abortion, fearing the baby would be malformed because of Mills's alcoholism. Hays's former mistress Elizabeth Ray, an attractive blonde and would-be starlet, went to the with her story of working for Hays, reporting: "I can't type, I can't file, I can't even answer the phone.” Her only responsibility, for which she was paid the going rate for a Congressional secretary, was to have sex with Hays (and his friends).Within a few months, Hays was forced to resign from Congress, which ended both Congressional and Justice Department investigations. CA) acknowledged that he fathered two illegitimate children by a Congressional secretary, whom he supported financially; then he had an affair with another woman, who was an aide to Speaker Carl Albert.

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