Sex oriented chatrooms

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Because most nudist chat spaces have people who enjoy nudism from the prurient perspective mixed in with those who don't, pedophiles tend to infiltrate these spaces.

It's extremely hard to screen these kinds of people out. Family friendly clothing optional venues are not sexually charged places where the goal of getting naked is to secure sex partners.

Me and my wife are swingers so we attend both sexual and non-sexual themed nudist destinations and as such I can attest to this.

And I can also tell you that the cultures between swinger nudism and family-oriented nudism really aren't all that different. The other doesn't and there are also sex parties. Moreover, for reasons you can probably guess nudism has appeal to pedophiles.

As for my efforts being better spent on a static webpage promoting nudism: there are already quite a few of those out there.

Besides, my goal here is to have a real-time virtual hangout with like-minded people; a web page doesn't accomplish that at all.

Based on the tenor of your post I'm going to take a stab at this and assume you haven't been to swingers clubs and can't actually counter this assertion with experience. The number of misconceptions this sentence reflects are numerous. It's perfectly valid without anyone's intervention. Second, most swingers don't really care how vanillas regard them.

So even if there was a need, there's not motivation. Why should the fact I'm a swinger as well impact how I practice that?

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Function words form grammatical relationships with other words in a sentence but are not tied to content. I've seen this question come up before but frankly I don't believe there just isn't a demand for instant messaging in the nudist community.I think this is because, as nudists, we prefer to be conversing outdoors with human beings instead of behind a monitor.Secondly, when there is information about a club/beach event, it's usually announced through FB pages, forum posts, i.e. The community seems to prefer reading about something worthwhile and then acting on it afterward.As others have brought up...moderating it would be one challenge.

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