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ka ke kh ki kk kl km kn ko kp kr ku ka kaa kaaa kaae kaah kaai kaak kaal kaam kaan kaao kaap kaau kaaw kaba kada kadi kado kae kaea kaee kaeh kaei kaek kael kaem kaen kaeo kaep kaeu kaew kaha kahe kahi kaho kahu kai kaia kaie kaih kaii kaik kail kaim kain kaio kaip kair kait kaiu kaiw kaka kake kaki kako kaku kal kala kale kali kalo kalu kama kame kami kamo kamu kana kane kani kano kanu kao kaoa kaoe kaoh kaoi kaok kaol kaom kaon kaoo kaop kaou kaow kapa kape kapi kapo kapu kara kare kari karo kasa kase kasi kata kato katu kau kaua kaue kauh kaui kauk kaul kaum kaun kauo kaup kaus kauw kawa kawe kawi kawo The definite article, the. in different parts of a sentence, contains something like an assertion with disapprobation; used also on the discovery of a mistake. cyathophora), a tropical American herb about 30 cm high, with green, oval leaves, but with floral leaves white or pink at the base; used medicinally as a purgative.

Before nouns beginning with the letter k, it is changed into ke instead of ka. valley, stream, and falls (Sacred Falls), Hau-ʻula, Oʻahu.

Elementary school, Beretania Street, and Kamehameha Schools gymnasium, Honolulu, named for Queen Kaʻahumanu, favorite wife of Kamehameha I, who was later kuhina nui (executive officer), and who died a Christian in 1832. In another version, she hid here to escape Kamehameha's jealous wrath, and some say that she first hid under nearby stones called Pōhaku-o-kau (stone of season). Gulch and highest mountain (4,020 feet) on Oʻahu, Waiʻanae range (PH 100; UL 242); playground and elementary school, Wahiawā. lit., the great mudhen of Hina [Hina was the mother of Māui, who learned the art of fire-making from a mudhen; Emerson (Malo 103) says Hina herself was the mudhen]. According to Emerson (UL 45), a rock here is the body of Kapo, a hula goddess and sister of Pele. The black sand was formed by steam explosions that occurred when a lava flow entered the ocean (Macdonald-Abbott 44) in about 1750. ceremony initiating boys, usually at age of six, after which they were permitted to wear a malo and join the men in the mua, men's house; henceforth they might not eat with women; to perform the ceremony. lntermediate and high schools, recreation center, and section 33 of Honolulu (map 6).

a large stone near ʻĀleʻaleʻa platform in the Hōnaunau place of refuge, Kona, Hawaiʻi, where Kaʻahumanu hid until her pet dog's barking gave her hiding place away. 315) she swam to this area from Keʻei because of her grief when Kamehameha took another wife. sash, belt, girdle of any kind; sennit casket alleged to contain the bones of Līloa and Lonoikamakahiki, in Bishop Museum in 1976; protective cloth wrapped around an object; to bind, tie around, encircle, gird on; to put on, as armor or a mourning garment. Kaakaua also refers to the maneuvers of the armies in time of battle. (see Puʻukaʻala); land section and stream, Hāmākua and Mauna Kea qds., Hawaiʻi. stream, Waipiʻo qd.; land section and village, Kalapana qd., Hawaiʻi, noted for its surf and its black sand beach.

Street, Mōʻiliʻili, Honolulu, named for John Kaʻaha (died about 1940), principal of Kalihi Kai School; he built a home at Mōʻiliʻili quarry. • knifelike cartilage near the tail of some fish, as surgeonfish; • horn of a fish; • cockspur, thorn; • rostrum, as of a shrimp; • caudal or anal horn, as of a caterpillar; • sharp, rough, thorny, craggy; spines on fish fins. gray nickers (Caesalpinia major, misidentified locally as C. Two mountains here resemble the breasts of Lewa, a mythical woman.

Two rocks on the banks of the stream are the beautiful Keanini and her lover; the girl did not leave before the cock crowed, and both were changed to stones. • to strike, smite, dash, beat, • chop; • to thresh or beat out, as grain (Ruta 2.17) ; • to kick and flail the arms as an angry child; • to strike, as flint and steel; • to hit broiled breadfruit with a stick to remove the blackened skin; • slab. handle, as of a bucket, pot, basket, purse; strings by which a netted (kōkō) calabash is hung; woman's scarf (Niʻihau); to tie on; to encircle with a band, specifically, to stretch the taboo cord before the entrance of a chief's house (this cord was said to fall of its own accord if a relative approached).

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Street, place, and way, Mānoa, Honolulu, probably named for Mt. bend in the coast west of South Point, Hawaiʻi; fishing is good here in calm weather; a pier built here some years ago against the advice of local Hawaiians was soon destroyed by the elements. bay and point east of Ka Lae, Hawaiʻi, a surfing area with tradewind and summer south swell. lit.: the wrinkle (seen from out at sea, the fissures in the rock suggest wrinkles). e., to resemble; to make like; to be mingled in with others; ua kaana ka iho (kapa) me ka hewa; ua kaana mai ka bipi hihiu maloko o ka bipi laka a laua, the wild cattle were mixed with the tame. The hill is said to be the site of the original school where the ancients learned hula dancing of every kind. The surfing site was formerly called Hōʻeu and Kapoho, but now is called Kaimū. The area is a small shield volcano; the summit, seaward of the Kaimukī fire station, is indented by a crater about 30 feet deep (Macdonald-Abbott 374); PH 186). (A cannibal shark-man, Nanaue, was caught at Kainalu and dragged up the gulch and hill.

It is difficult to make Hawaiians perceive the difference between the English sounds of k and t. O ke koko ka (mea) i hana i kalahala, the blood the (thing) it makes atonement; that is, the thing which makes; o ka pono wale no ka i oi mamua o ka hewa, righteousness only is the thing (that which) excels wickedness. For [Ka hana ʻia ʻana o ka makau me ka ʻāpana iwi mai. Ka uhau ʻana iho me ka ikaika i kekahi mea e like me ke kā ʻana i ka hoe i loko o ke kai no ka hoe ʻana, ke kā ʻana i ke kaula lele i lele ʻia e nā kamaliʻi, a me ke kā ʻana i kekahi i ke kēhau o luna o nā meakanu i ke kapa i ke kakahiaka nui i paʻa ka wai i loko o ke kapa a ʻuī ʻia mai i wai inu. She had many adventures at Kalihi and saved her husband Wākea, who was being taken away for sacrifice, by embracing him.

The natives on the Island of Hawaii generally pronounce the letter with the palate, that is, give it the k sound, while the natives of the Island of Kauai pronounce it with the end of the tongue that is, pronounce it as t. Ka as an article often represents not only the article but the noun supposed to belong to it, or it may have mea or some other word understood (like, in another sense, the English what, as an antecedent and a relative); as, o ka aila ka (mea) iloko o kona lima, the oil the (thing) which, that which was in his hand. Ka also as an article stands for ka mea, and ka mea nana, the person who, or the thing which. Hili ikaika]To strike, as to strike fire with flint and steel; ka ahi. To block or split off a piece of hard stone for the purpose of making a stone adze in ancient times; o ka poe ka koi ka poe i manao nui ia; hele no ka poe ka koi e imi i na pohaku paa e pono ai ke hana i koi; ka makau, to fabricate a bone into a fish-hook. His bonds loosened and the two disappeared into a tree. (HM 278–283.) a wild, weedy euphorbia, or wild spurge (Euphorbia heterophylla var.

His father, Kamohoaliʻi, was angry and henceforth bamboo growing here is dull. land points near Kailua, Kona, Hawaiʻi, and farther north in the same district.

The people cut up Nanaue with pieces of bamboo and burned his flesh.

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