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After breaking through milestones like audio, android, H.264, i OS, look at what we are now: I'm working on the new version of IP CAM Controller for win10 and windows 10 mobile (aka p10). There are a lot of things changing in the new platforms, and so I need a few volunteers help me to translate the app into the languages that already supported in my WP8 version.Please kindly drop me a note by clicking this link: I wrote a blog post (here) last year whether I should or should not upgrade my development from WP8 to WP8.1, and my conclusion was "no go". I believe that I made the right decision back then, because otherwise I will fall into similar situation again, Win/WP8.1 -I have been keep track of MSFT's app development for a few years now, and honestly I'm tired and a bit sick about that.Microsoft is finally taking us to the next level: write once and debug every wherelol Another reason I like about the new SDK is that a lot of open source components start to be available on UWP, such as Open SSL, FFMPEG.By taking advantage of that, the new IP CAM Controller is finally able to support H.264 which is a streaming protocol support by most newly made IP cameras.But I feel lucky and happy that I didn't go for WP8.1 last year because that is simply not the final stop.

However, using these camera type requires the user (i.e.Most MJPEG/JPEG URL is a standard http address like this one: Please note that these 3 camera types is aimed to get your video working (and video related feature, such as recording), features like pan/tilt is not supported.And once again, I would like to emphasize that this is for advanced users, i.e.MJPEG or MJPG stands for Motion JPEG, it's a series of JPEG (frame) transferring within one HTTP connection (between your device and your camera).The MJPEG engine in my app is using the MJPEG streaming URL for video; while JPEG engine in my app is using a snapshot URL for video.

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