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Purchase your tickets now to support FAC’s Florida Counties Foundation, our CCC &..June 27, 2017 - p.m. - Palm Beach County Commissioners and other Constitutional Officers are state mandated to take four hours of ethics programming each calendar year. County governments can..During the 2013 Legislative Session, the Florida legislature passed new ethics legislation requiring that Commissioners and other Constitutional Officers take four hours of Ethics programming each calendar year.

Do you have a concern that you think we should be advocating on?Keynote speaker for Thursday’s luncheon was Washington County County Administrator Jeff Massey who commented on the proactive approach that the Washington County Board of County Commissioners is taking dealing with county business.Top of the list was the debt paydown being stressed by commissioners.Orlando Sentinel Don't count on feds right after hurricane, FEMA chief tells Florida leaders FEMA had a warning for local governments at the annual Governor’s Conference on Hurricanes: Don’t count on Uncle Sam to be there immediately after the next natural disaster.“If you’re waiting on FEMA to run your commodities, that’s not the solution,” FEMA Administrator Brock Long said Wednesday.

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