Stop dating your computer

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This is how:1) Head to Google's account history page and sign in.2) You will see four large cards (Things that you search for, Places you've been, Your You Tube searches, and Things that you've watched on You Tube).Each one of these will have a Pause button near the bottom-right and a Manage history link on the bottom-left.3) Click Pause on all four tiles.These steps should have helped you keep Google from tracking your Web activity.

Although the majority of anti-virus pop-up alerts are fake, there is an off-chance that you have received a legitimate virus warning.You probably know that websites keep track of how you're using them, and even the sites that don't require you to sign up with an account can keep a track of your preferences and behaviour using cookies.But the biggest networks, like Google, and Facebook, keep tracking you even when you're not signed in and follow you around the Internet to serve you with "relevant" advertising and content.Duck Duck Go recently added several new features such as instant answers.Apple's i OS 8 supports Duck Duck Go and users will be able set it as the default search engine on their i OS devices.

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